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March 6, 2020

Ce module présente quelques éléments pour comprendre les bases de fonctionnement de l'analyse de données et en particulier le machine learning appliqué à des problématiques de digital business.

1-Tout est en réseau

Analyse d’une communauté sous l’angle de la données


July 9, 2019

Les citoyens, employés, collaborateurs, entreprises ont pris place sur le numérique et particulièrement sur les réseaux sociaux numériques. Ces plateformes de communication constituent une source de données à forte valeur ajoutée qu'il convient d'analyser avec des modè...

May 15, 2019

This project aims to place students as designer of a full and complex system that collects, treats and manipulate data. For this purpose, students will work with the educational ARDUINO toolkit that contains a programmable microprocessor adaptable and compatible with m...

April 16, 2019

This is a data visualisation exercice to perform with Tableau Software. It is originally a Tableau Challenge with only two questions. It has been extended to cover the key features of tableau software.

You need two files for this exercice : 

- The tableau dashboard conta...

October 9, 2017

Ressources for the class on Big Data and Social Media analysis. 

Overall introduction

The concept of Big Data, challenges and examples of applications. A specific overview of the analysis of social networks at a large scale is also provided.

Social network Analy...

March 24, 2017

Description of the challenge

Crowdfunding platforms have known an increasing success over the last few years. With more than $43 Billion euros raised in 2016, this alternative to traditional finance processes has received a important interest in the research community....

March 3, 2017

The objective of this course is to present the concepts, technologies and related disciplines of big data and the many facets of business data for managers. One application of these technologies and methodologies remains on digital social networks. These are indeed a g...

January 1, 2016



1 - Introduction to computer science and information systems (3h)
2 - From big data to information: data is everywhere, how to catch and get value from it? (3h)
3 - Getting strated with Excel from basics to advanced functionnalities (9h)
4 - Modeling, querying, manip...

May 19, 2015

The objective of this course is to introduce Agile approaches to project management taking into account the constraints specific to the computer. The students will have a good knowledge of the methods presented they will practice through the implementation of a project...

May 19, 2015

The behavior of a client on your website is an important indication for optimizing sales and better meet the expectations of your visitors. In this lab, we propose to test a solution to implement a dashboard indicating the number of views by product, category, sales tr...

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