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“Cruel intention” or “entrepreneurial intention”: what did you expect?

An overview of research on entrepreneurial intention – an interactive perspective

Adnane Maalaoui, Charles Perez, Gaël Bertrand, Myriam Razgallah, and Rony Germon

In the past 20 years, many studies have been conducted on entrepreneurial intent and behavior in various contexts (Krueger and Carsrud, 1993; Kolvereid, 1996; Liñán, 2008; Liñán and Chen, 2009; Liñán et al., 2011; Douglas and Fitzsimmons, 2013; Kautonen et al., 2013; Kibler, 2013; Walter et al., 2013; Fayolle and Liñán, 2014). As a result, numerous researchers have these addressed issues. However, due to the number of works now available, it is increasingly difficult to connect their findings. This chapter therefore structures topics around entrepreneurial intent and behavior to gain an appropriate overview of this increasingly relevant entrepreneurial sub-theme.

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