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The Privacy Research Community in computing

and information technology

Karina Sokolova & Charles Perez

Pattern 2017 : The Ninth International Conferences on Pervasive Patterns and Applications


Keywords : Privacy, Bibliometry, Computer science, Survey, Co-authorship graph




The technologies of information and communications are part of our day to day activities. From computers to smartphones and with the success of big data, we are now surrounded and fully part of a digital society. In this context, privacy is raising an importance to any technologies users. In this article, we propose a study of the privacy research community in computing and information technology. We examine over 13,646 articles published during the last ten years. We analyse the research trends such as the co-authorship and identify the key researchers of this research domain.

Interactive co-authorship Networks

Institutions graph

A collaboration graphs between institutions working on Privacy in computer science.

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